V.I.Passholder Event at Magic Kingdom

Disney held a special, limited event for Annual Passholders tonight at the Magic Kingdom. I was able to snag myself a reservation. The event was held from 10pm to 12am with most of the attractions open for enjoyment. Check out the event guide here. The weather forecast called from 80% chance of showers. I planned on going anyway, hoping that the rain would deter people from going.

I arrived at 9:15pm and upon entering the park, I was asked to scan my annual pass and show my reservation via a printed e-mail. The cast member then put a wristband on me (similar to their hard-ticketed events).

Most of the guests were leaving since the park closed at 9pm. I was still on Main Street U.S.A. as the “kiss goodnight” started. After enjoying that, I started my journey over at Adventureland. The park was nearly empty. There was a chill in the air as I held my umbrella over my head to protect me from the showers that fell from the Disney clouds.

A projection in Frontierland.

Overall, it was a fun event to attend. Take a look at these wait times!

I was able to walk on all the rides. In the middle of my V.I.Passholder experience, I decided to stop in at Pecos Bill for a limited Dumbo’s Feather Brownie.

The last attraction of the night was Space Mountain. I was the only space cadet on my train. As I exited the train, both cast members asked me what happened to the other space cadets. I said I lost them and they are somewhere in the mountain. LOL

I enjoy these free perks of being an Annual Passholder. Good times.

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  1. Annual Pass…oh how I miss you. Perhaps we will be together again someday…like in 2021…

    • Hey I’ve never had an Annual Pass! But this may be the year :)

  2. Wow! What a great experience! Thank you for sharing this with us Steve!

  3. It’s good to go when the temperatures are slightly cool.

  4. Man, that sounds so amazing…and that brownie!! What is the feather, a banana? Thanks for taking the time to share your experience! :)

  5. Holy moly… those wait times looked AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! :pluto:

  6. Wow this looks so awesome! If I were a local with an AP I would definitely go! The rain wouldn’t stop me either! How much did it end up raining? I want that Dumbo Feather Brownie SO BAD!!!

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