Disney Skyliner Incident

It has been six days since Disney Skyliner opened and it’s already experienced its first unplanned incident.

Around 8PM EST an incident was reported and by 12:30AM all guests were evacuated. The blue gondola was stuck in the Riveria station. Unfortunately, the other cars bumped up against it causing it to break the plexiglass on some of the cars in the station.

You can see what’s in the first aide kit inside the gondola.

Here is a look at the rescue:

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  1. I hope no one was injured. must’ve been scary, especially for any kids on board.

  2. Let’s hope this incident doesn’t happen again.

  3. I know stuff goes wrong from time to time, but this seems really scary to me. 60ft above the ground?! And thank goodness it was at night! That literally could have killed someone during the day. I feel like this breakdown is a lot more serious than a bus, monorail or ride breakdown. The gondolas crashing in to each other is even more unsettling. I really hope they figure this out soon. Only 1 week in is really sad. I hate to say it but if it’s back open when I’m there later in the week I’ll be nervous to ride.

  4. I hate heights so this is one of my worst nightmares!

  5. doesn’t it go over water too? i wonder how they got the people stuck over the water out

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