Disney Wedding Getting the TV Treatment

A new program rolling out not only at Disney property, but on Freeform this summer as well, is Magically Ever After. What is Freeform? Freeform is the new name for ABC Family, and provides a web based access. Have more questions, check out the Frequently Asked Questions.

Wishing Upon a Star to start your life with the one you love is not new, ask Steve and Chelle! Disney Fairy Tale Weddings is getting the media exposure only Disney can provide.

Mind Blown

Magically Ever After is a new televised program that follows a couple through the process of getting married at a Disney Location.

Imagine the possibilities? In 1991 Disney started Dream, Wish, Believe, and has given over 45,000 couples weddings beyond compare, right Steve? But can they get better? YOU BET THEY CAN! The locations can be as diverse as The Haunted Mansion, until death do you part. Don’t forget to bring your… Death Certificate.

Okay, okay….. all kidding aside, how about at EPCOT, the Rose and Crown for a right snappy British affair. Or if you’re like me, an Italian wedding, complete with wedding soup and more relatives you can shake a stick at. It takes us two hours just to say goodbye! Imagine Castaway Cay, on one of the magnificent cruise ships, or Aulani. There is certainly something for everyone. What is your connection with the Disney memory machine, say “I Do” too!

Your event comes with its own Wedding Planner, Be Our Guest takes on a whole new meaning when you do it Disney style. The food, oh my goodness, THE FOOD! Are you a foodie? My mouth is watering as I compose this. Imagine having the Disney chefs catering your event!

Stay tuned this summer to get a preview of what Disney can do for you. Or, better yet, ask Steve and Michelle. What better resource can those of us at D-COT have then their Happily Ever After story. If I had to do this all over again, I would say…… I do. Hmmmm, my 30th anniversary is coming up…… hey Chelle!!!!!!! I need to plan!

Source: Courtney Potter | Summer 2018 | D23

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  1. I wanna see someone get married on the Monorails LOL

  2. Eeeeek I can’t wait to watch this show!!! :heart:

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