Disney is Charging $17 For One FastPass at Disneyland Paris

Fast passes used to be free at Walt Disney World until they discontinued them last year. This year Disneyland Paris recently implemented a new system of paid FastPasses, called Disney Premier Access. We now have a look at what these prices are going to be.

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This new program at Disneyland Paris allows guests to pay for Premier Access for each ride. You have to be inside the park to purchase your pass using the Disneyland Paris App. Let’s take a look at the prices.

Photo of Premier Pass Access prices at Disneyland Paris
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Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast and Peter Pan’s Flight are both €15, which is about $17.79. Just round that up to $18. If you have a party of four you’re looking at $72. Would you find value in “cutting the line” for $72? What is your wait time threshold? How would you feel if this came to Walt Disney World and Disneyland?

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  1. I am fully expecting this to happen at WDW. As soon as they took them away I figured either they’ll never return (unlikely) or they’ll make a move like Universal and charge extra for FastPasses. What they’re doing at DLP I think is pretty outrageous – per ride?! :shocked: I’ll be interested to see how this plays out.

  2. I’m seriously considering canceling my trip I have planned for January

  3. I DO NOT like where this is going. :angry:

  4. I would feel that this would probably be the final nail and we wouldn’t go anymore. We’re already taking a long break after September. We will be watching.

  5. Not good. I already hate having to plan months in ahead to even be able to eat when I go… and it already costs a fortune to visit WDW. :(

  6. Picture this, a family of 4 and your son / daughter really wants to ride Space ranger spin… Are you going to pay $60 for you guys to jump the queue?! Its a crazy price on top of the already $100+ per day per person for park entry.

  7. This would definitely put a damper on things for us too. Going have to an eye on what happens. :(

  8. They are going to have a very long discussion if this doesn’t happen let’s face it no one will be able to afford a fastpass at a price like this. :angry:

  9. They official announced this is coming to the US. I’m hoping someone will have a shred of common sense and out Chapek and reverse this.

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