[NEW MUSIC] Epcot – Future World – Creations Shop and Club Cool ~ Area Loop

Check out the area loop shared by the Creations Shop, a new flagship store to shop for magical mementos and explore original works of Disney art, and Club Cool, Disney’ “Coke” tail bar—featuring Coca-Cola products from around the world—and shop for some cool souvenirs.

Creations Shop at Epcot
Creations Shop at Disney’s Epcot
Club Cool at Epcot
Club Cool at Epcot! Credit: Blog Mickey.
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  1. The new “Creations” store is nice, but we like the old “Mouse Gear” better. This new store seems too plain to us. They still have a lot of great merch though! Sooo glad they brought back Club Cool!!! We were unable to get in there last time as the line was ridiculous. Fingers crossed for February though! Got to have some Beverly! LOL

    • I don’t even want to think about what happened to the Dreamfinder’s airship that used to be in Mouse Gear :( you’re right it was more creative and had that Disney feel, now it seems like they’re moving everything away from that to be bland and simplistic instead, I don’t get it. You go to Disney for the Disney atmosphere

      • The Dreamship probably went back into storage. I don’t think they’d destroy it.

  2. I’m excited to see the new merch in the Creations store but I miss Mouse Gear. Very happy Club Cool is back! I can’t wait to go again!

  3. I was amazed with the new merchandise too, including the music like the Tapestry of Nations is one to remember.

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