[NEW MUSIC] Commercials, Disneyland, Hong Kong Disney Jungle River Cruise and more

Commercial – That’s the Power of Magic
Disneyland – Fantasyland – Area Loop
Disneyland – Tahitian Terrace – Area Loop
Walt Disney World Commercials (1990-2010)
Walt Disney World Commercial (2015)
Hong Kong Disneyland Park – Adventureland – Jungle River Cruise
The Magic of Walt Disney World (1972)
Vintage Disney Commercials (1950-1990)
Wilderness Lodge – Area Loop


  1. Ooooh Thank you… going to listen to Tahitian Terrace right now! :up: :dcot:

    • These are great. Also enjoying the Tahitian Terrace & favorited it. For some reason, I’m not seeing the newly added Wilderness Lodge Area Loop?? Am I missing it tucked inside something else? I want to add this to one of my playlists for sure. :woodyhat:

      • I removed that one since I did not realize we already had it. It’s in the Wilderness Lodge playlist.

  2. oh my goodness even more!!!! Can’t wait to listen to the commercials!!!

  3. ah, okay. Sweet. I already have that one then. these are so great. We are enjoying everything, Thank you!

  4. Thanks for all the new music this week, Steve!!!! There’s so much!!!!! Do you think maybe next week you could take a break so we can enjoy all the new stuff??? LOL :heart:

  5. :wave: Thank you for all the new music!!! :cool:

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