Magic Behind the Music: Magic Kingdom – Liberty Square – Area Music Loop

Journey back into America’s History as you walk through Liberty Square at the Magic Kingdom or listen to the music of the era on the D-COT Jukebox!

Liberty Square

Step into America’s Colonial Era as you stroll the streets of Liberty Square at the Magic Kingdom. While this track, featured on the D-COT Jukebox, has been there since March 24, 2016, the history of Liberty Square, even merely as a themed land in a Disney park, predates even the planning stages of Walt Disney World itself! Walt Disney is well-known for having many interests and ideas. Among these were fantasy, modern innovation, and the future, but he was also greatly captivated by history – particularly America’s history.

This became most evident to the masses in his production of special episodes of the Wonderful World of Disney that featured historical figures such as Davy Crockett, Elfego Baca, Texas John Slaughter, and the Swamp Fox. As Walt looked at his Disneyland theme park, he saw that it was lacking in a land steeped in our nation’s beginnings. He sought to add an annex to Main Street which he called, “Liberty Street”.

These plans fell through, but when Imagineers began looking closely at the plans for Walt Disney World, they looked back at Walt’s idea and were compelled to add a whole land – Liberty Square – to their new theme park. They cut no corners. Instead of featuring President Lincoln, why stop there? Why not have an attraction that features every U.S. President? The Hall of Presidents came to be, and then there was a riverboat. Disneyland had one, why not the Magic Kingdom? Finally, this seemed best suited to put a copy of the famed Haunted Mansion, add a few restaurants and buildings of the time and you have it! Of course there’s the details to consider as well. There were no toilets in Colonial America, and there are none here (even the ones in Columbia Harbour House are actually across the border into Fantasyland). Why the brown pavement? Because there are no toilets (connect the dots folks)! The Liberty Bell replica was cast from the same mold as the original, and even some of the glass window panes on the buildings are not reproduction.

Our D-COT members have enjoyed imaginary strolls through Liberty Square by listening to this loop 2,985 times. It is a favorite track for 65 of our Members. Supporters have added it to 40 Custom Playlists. It gets a 4.8/5 average rating with 39 votes. Magic Kingdom is the only Disney theme park in the world to feature an entire land dedicated to Colonial America and, while much at Walt Disney World has changed over the years since it opened on October 1, 1971, Liberty Square has yet to undergo any major additions or changes. Generations of Disney travelers can walk down memory lane with a listen to this music or a visit to this quaint corner of Walt Disney World.

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  1. I love Liberty Square!!! :heart: and the music is one of the soundbites I remembered so strongly as a child :note:

  2. I find this loop to be rather relaxing. Reminds me to slow down in Liberty Square instead of rushing through it. It’s a heavily detailed center of the park, it’s incredible :heart:

  3. OOh I love the highlight of the music tracks – how fun!

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