Magic Behind the Music: Magic Kingdom – Tomorrowland – Space Mountain ~ Ambient Queue Music

Space Mountain

After many months of Disney fasting, the beloved Walt Disney World theme parks are re-opening to the general public. As we know, it won’t be quite the same as we remember it. Us Disney fans have probably read so many articles on the changes Disney is implementing during this time and plague that they could surpass the pages in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Some things will still be there, however, and a surprising number of attractions will be open to experience (albeit at a significant distance from other guests).  One of those things is the ever-popular Space Mountain! I don’t know about you, but this ride has been a mainstay in my love of all things Disney. I can trace fond memories of it way back to my very earliest trips to the Magic Kingdom as a child. And the best part is that it really hasn’t changed that much over the years and many of the changes it has undergone are quite recent and don’t alter the in-ride experience.

The ride reaches a humble top speed of 30 miles per hour, but in the blackness of the interior space theme, guests feel like they’re going much faster as they dip, zip, and rocket around the track; each movement being a surprise even to the seasoned riders as they can’t see what’s coming next. Pair that with a techno-space-themed soundtrack, and we have a roller coaster worth riding again, and again, and again! Space Mountain is such a popular ride that versions of it can be found in all but one of Disney’s theme parks around the world! The original ride, of course, resides at the Magic Kingdom in Florida and opened on January 15, 1975.  With that said, it has its roots in Disneyland’s Matterhorn – the very first tube steel roller coaster ever constructed. Imagineers wanted to duplicate the Matterhorn in the Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland, but in a rare occurrence for Disney World development, there just wasn’t enough space (pun intended).  

Now, unless you had a FastPass for the attraction, you probably spent more time waiting in line than on the ride itself.  With an air conditioned indoor queue, sci-fi themed sights, and a stellar ambient music track, however, it’s actually not horrible to wait in line. That music is our feature track for today with the Star Tunnel portion being a favorite segment (and the Jukebox has that part by itself too!). The ambient queue music was added to the Jukebox on October 11, 2011. It has been played 18,386 times with 28 times this week. 265 D-COT Members have it as one of their favorites and Supporters have added it to 53 Custom Playlists. It gets a 4.8/5 average rating across 107 votes. It may be a while yet before many of us get to enjoy this ride again even though it’s open, but until then we have the music and the memories. Hopefully before too long we’ll find ourselves walking down Main Street and turning right at the Castle Hub toward the spires of Space Mountain once again.

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  1. This is one of my top ten! It’s just so relaxing and uplifting!! Can we ride it right now??

  2. :heart: :heart: :heart:

  3. It’s an out of this world favorite the music loop puts you in the mood. The feeling of being an astronomer to explore the stars & different planets. I like when they do it for Christmas with the lights.

  4. It’s one of my long time favorites. Sadly we recently cancelled our APs due to Covid and are missing space mountain now more than ever!

  5. Love it, love it, love it. Can’t get enough of the music, the ride, or the queue!

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