The Tamatoa-Inspired Cone is a new DOLE Whip Worth Trying

Yesterday we visited the Polynesian Resort to try out the new DOLE Whip inspired by Tamatoa for national #DoleWhipDay.

The Tamatoa-Inspired Cone at Disney’s Polynesian Resort

This shiny rainbow of a treat debuted Disney’s Polynesian Resort on July 20, 2021 for #DOLEWhipDay. It’s a DOLE Whip Raspberry swirled with DOLE Whip Orange in a White Chocolate-dipped Waffle Cone coated with Shiny Gold Sugar. Obviously, Tamatoa has to have that shiny top! It’s so delicious!

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  1. :surprised: That looks soooo good!!! :dole: :)

  2. That indeed looks really good, and shiny too. :dole: :moana: :maui: :pua:

  3. Wish I could try one – it looks delicious! :dole: also your picture is beautiful with the rainbow! :heart:

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