Disney Raises Prices on 2020 Dining Plans

We all heard about the Annual Pass increase, well you can add on the Disney Dining Plan.

Quick Service

  • Adult $55.00 (+$2.50)
  • Child $26.00 (+$2.22)


  • Adult $78.01 (+$2.52)
  • Child $30.51 ($2.53)


  • Adult $119.00 (+$2.75)
  • Child $47.50 (+$4.01)

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  1. We have looked at this countless times…it just doesn’t add up…we’ve never spent $55 per adult for two quick service. These costs are way too high.

    • That’s what I was thinking, that’s per day? I don’t understand how you can spend that much money to make it worthwhile!

    • I don’t think people are doing the math. I think they think of the convenience of it, maybe they have no idea what QS meals even cost, and they like the sound of how easy that is and how many meals they’ll get each day and they go for it

      • Agreed. If you do the math, it doesn’t add up in our favor but it adds up quick in Disney’s favor. Just sayin…..

  2. i wish this was how much annual passes went up LOL

    we always do the dining plan when it’s free, my family is all big eaters so we find it works for us. we’ve never actually “paid” outright for it though

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