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I love this community. When I started this back in 2007, I never dreamed it would grow into what it is today. It’s a Disney neighborhood where people from all over the world can come together and share their love and knowledge of “The Mouse”. It is also a place of kindness and respect.

Over the past 13 years, I have been very fortunate to say that this society is friendly and toxic-free. I’m sure our moderators (@nascfan, @starbee and @eeyorepoohfan) are also happy about this as it makes their duties easier.

However, there comes a time when a little reminder needs to be sent out. Without getting into any specifics, I just want to note that as of today I added an item to our Terms of Use. Here it is:

If D-COT receives a report regarding a member directly attacking others on the site with proof, a one-week suspension will be placed on the offending member’s account. After re-activation, if another similar report is made with proof it will result in a permanent ban.

I do not foresee this rule being enforced often, if not at all. In addition to this change, I added two buttons to each member’s profile: Report and Block.


Reporting allows you to flag inappropriate, abusive, or otherwise unacceptable behavior to our staff.


The Block tool allows you to block another member. You simply click on a ‘block’ button, either on another member’s profile, or on the member list. Once blocked, neither you nor that member can send a message to the other. Each member’s profile pages become inaccessible. Neither can view each other’s activity updates, replies and neither can send a friend request to one another.

Thank you all for enjoying D-COT; the music, the laughter, the love and the magic. I will leave you with one of my favorite tracks from the jukebox:

Epcot – Wonders of Life Pavilion – Looking Glass

Steve is the founder and administrator of D-COT. If anything breaks on the site, @TheSwedishChef is the founder and administrator.


  1. The policy makes total and complete sense, Steve. However its sad that such a step has been required to be taken, you’d hope things like this would just be common sense! Best atleast to take control as you have done, thank you fearless leader :)

  2. thank you Steve!

  3. I love love love D-Cot :heart: :dcot: and I’m so thankful that it isn’t like some of these other sites that are like daily wrestling matches. And yes, the friendly community here definitely makes my duties easier ;) thanks pals for being such great Disney peeps! Love the meme by the way LOL

  4. The way people behave on the internet doesn’t surprise me that this had to be put into our rules.
    Thank you @steve for giving us this place :heart:

  5. I’m shocked something happened that resulted in a need for this rule (unless you are just being proactive and putting it in place, just in case). This is one of the friendliest places in the internet world. Let’s keep it this way, everyone.

  6. Thank you for updating the terms Steve it’s the community & conversation of this site. The people here are very polite and positive. That’s why D-cot is my happy place to be. Music is my passion for the Parks & Resorts along with soundscape just to put me to sleep.

  7. I’m sorry that such rules have to be in place, but it’s good to get a basis of rules of conduct so that you have a basis to start with when it comes to such conduct. Thank you Steve.

  8. It is the world of today. People treat being offended like a felony has been committed against them, or a Constitutional Right has been violated. Splash Mountain is being changed because of this. I think what we all have to remember is:

    What one feels is inoffensive, another may consider offensive. The Mods respond to reports. This does not mean the Mod shares that emotional response (they may). They have to react to the report. Having moderated numerous boards, this type of report is the most difficult because it is opinion based. Just remember, the Mods volunteer here to maintain the community we all love.

    I would like to leave you all with a quote. I don’t remember where I heard it but I really liked it

    Try Hard not to Offend
    Try Harder not to be Offended.

    If I personally have offended someone, it was not my intention and I do apologize. I so value this board and the community. I have a great deal of respect for Steve and Chelle, and many others in this community.

  9. I am truly and deeply saddened that this even has to be discussed. My reason for coming to D-CoT so many years ago was not only the awesome selection of park music and sound, but a community as special as Disney can be. A place where we could share our experiences and celebrate together. A place free from concerns such as exchanges of malice or ill-will, a place where we come together about what makes us all the same, and the only conflict is those who think dole whip is the best frozen snack in WDW, and those who are wrong :P .
    I understand with growth come added dynamic of personalities; and have taken for granted that those who have seemed to foster conflict and negativity never seemed to set up shop here, where the magic of all these pals gathering wouldn’t provide an environment for shenanigans like that. Unfortunately, for Steve to have to take this step, it must no longer be true, and that is sad.
    Hopefully this new “feature” is one that will need little-to-no-use. If you disagree with my opinions on Mickey Bars, FP+, or my favorite rides being taken away for IP attractions, you all will still discuss it respectfully. I promise to be a good listener and always be respectful in any spirited exchange.
    Thanks, @Steve for working so hard to keep this a magical place for all! :cool:

  10. It’s sad that this has to be done, but it is for the absolute benefit of everyone!
    Completely incredible that you are up front and active and continue to do all you can to keep this a great place!
    Thank you Steve!

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