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    When I click on the Jukebox, it will bring up a blank screen with the little pull down for my playlists. I can click the drop down and it will open to show me my playlists but when I click on one, it closes but my playlists don’t open. I can’t play any music and I don’t know why. It used to work fine until recently. I’m using Windows 7 and I have ad blockers installed. Would that have something to do with it? I had the same ad blockers installed before and didn’t have an issue. Jukebox worked just fine.

    I tried it on a government Windows 10 machine with no ad blockers and it works fine. Correlation?




    Forgot to add, I’m using Firefox. I tired it in Windows Explorer 11 and it wouldn’t work either. No ad blockers on IE11. I haven’t tried in Chrome yet.


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    @steve , when you have a moment please?


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    What is different than before? Are you on a brand new machine? Try the following and report back:

    – try logging out and back in
    – disable ad-blockers for *.d-cot.com and see if it works
    – try Chrome or Safari (temporarily to see if it works)



    Ok, that’s just weird. I’ve logged in and out several times before and it still had the issue but tonight it works just fine. Maybe spin gremlin is branching out or something…..

    As for the machine, it’s the same machines. Haven’t changed anything. I didn’t even shut off the ad blockers and it works again. I don’t know what the deal is but it’s working now.

    Thanks for looking into it Steve!

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