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    As many know March is Women’s History Month :up: , so with that in mind I think it would be nice for D-Cot members to offer up their favorite females from Disney history who deserve a spot in the Disney Women’s History Month list and why they should be on this list. List as many or few as you wish.

    To start with I will offer up three of the most important, at least in my mind, women in Disney history.

    Flora Call Disney – Walt & Roy’s mother. I mean who could be more important than their mother, without her they would not have existed to create many of the things we love!

    Lillian Bounds Disney – Walt’s wife, now that must have been a full time job! The woman behind the man and we will never really know the influence she had. We do know that she drew the line at letting Walt’s little steam train run thru her garden at their Carolwood home. :surprised:

    Edna Francis Disney – Roy O. Disney’s wife, once again like Walt’s wife she was the woman behind the man.


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    How about an article written by someone we all know and love….. :P



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