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    Hi forum, here is me, the new guy. I read all the topics in Dining and I couldn’t find an answer for my question.

    Me and my family will be at Orlando from October 10 through October 23 and we are wondering if it worth the price stay into WDW Resorts for the first five days. We reached the conclusion that the dining plan is the clue to make it worth.

    Anybody could tell me if Disney will bring again the free dining plan in that date?

    If somebody could bring us some help, we are trying to find an authotized Disney operator in order to cost compare with the ones here in Argentina


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    Hi and welcome to D-Cot! All dining plans have been suspended since Disney reopened. No one knows when they’ll return, but in my personal opinion I wouldn’t count on free dining anytime this year. That could of course change at any time, but I just have that feeling. Off to Neverland is a sponsor of this site and they have wonderful magic makers to help with other questions you may have.


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    Thank you for your niuce welcome and for your fellings. Clearly this might change my accomodation opinions. It could be unaffortable for us.

    Also many thanks for the travel operator inidications


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    Welcome, Chaston! Nascfan nailed it. It doesn’t look like free dining will be coming back any time soon. :(


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    I did love FREE dining… even though there was so much debate about it being actually ‘FREE’ :D

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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