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    What a fun idea! I’ll give it a shot… :D

    First visit: February 2003 at Disneyland (6 months old)
    Last visit: July 10, 2020 (a very recent day at Disney Springs)
    Total days: At leaaaaast 221. 211 WDW days for sure, unsure on Disneyland. We went when I was so young that I couldn’t remember anything and my Mom didn’t document most of it.

    As for each individual park, I also can’t give exact estimates. I only have exact-ish numbers for the past 5 years since that’s when I really started documenting every park visit with my video camera. I actually got these numbers from browsing through my YouTube channel (shameless plug). And I say exact-ish for the past 5 years because there have been a couple days where I lived in the moment.

    Past 5 years broken down:
    Disneyland: 4
    DCA: 2
    MK: 31
    Epcot: 31
    DHS: 24
    DAK: 22
    DSprings: 60
    DQuest: 2
    BB: 6
    TL: 2
    Resort Hopping: 62

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    First visit: February 1998

    Last visit: January 2018

    Total days: 28 days at WDW across 5 visits

    We don’t parkhop because I am very much that person that would rather sit down and relax on a bench and watch the World. I don’t want to run all day.

    I’ve been to Blizzard Beach twice and Typhoon Lagoon once.

    I remember MGM Studios and that it was pretty much just a place to look at pictures in windows and not much going on there. I also remember Downtown Disney was pretty much just for adults and my parents being pretty disappointed in the only “free” part of Disney being a bunch of bars. LOL

    I’ve been to Disneyland 1 day with my sister back in 2010. We drove into Anaheim at like 2pm and were booted at 7pm for some special event. I think we only rode about 4 rides and we were both underimpressed with the set up.

    I’ve been to SeaWorld 3 days with my in-laws. I have no desire to do SeaWorld and I don’t plan to take my kids either. Personal choice.

    I’ve been to Universal 4 days. That includes 2 days back in 1998 and 2 days during a girls weekend in 2011. We didn’t do WDW in 2011, just went to UV.

    Next trip is planned for 2021… hopefully :( The plan is for 6 days in FL with 3 of them being in the parks and one at Blizzard Beach.

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    So while we were without power the other day I tried to pull out all my stuff to try and figure this out. I know I am missing some since my AP years we didn’t always have other tickets or room key cards with all the info for each trip (I must start writing all this down now!).

    First visit: September 25, 1979, 5th grade :)
    Last visit: January 21, 2020
    Total trips: all WDW at least 31 I can verify with tickets or room cards (most of them after 1995) all those usually 8 days/7 nights, but I know some were 7 day/6 night or 5 nights etc. so to be conservative, I am say 31×7 days = 217 days…granted a few of those we definitely spent at Sea World or even a couple at Universal, so lets say 210.

    Geez, I need to get more Disney days LOL!! nothing scheduled yet :( ….maybe April 2021 :)

    I can definitely say most of those days were spent in Epcot since we always hop there most days but I will never be able to break down by parks. Just suffice to say we love it in WDW :)

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    @warrsm that’s awesome! FYI it sounds like both myself and @nascfan are possibly going to be there in late March or April. Cross our fingers perhaps all our paths cross! :minnie:

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    My first visit was in 1991 I think.
    Last visit…2018…way too long ago.
    We used to visit every year until I discovered the Disney Cruise Line.

    Not sure how many days at each park, but I know Epcot tops the list. We always spend at least 2 days there each visit.

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    Gosh this was super hard! I started going to Disneyland around 1978 I think and I’ve probably gone around 7 or 8 times.

    Then we moved to the East coast and I didn’t go to WDW until 1994 I believe. I tried to count up each park but I felt like I was coming up way off. Since that first trip I’ve probably gone once or twice a year. I know I’ve gone to Epcot the most but here’s the times I could remember.

    MK 18

    Epcot 26

    AK 18

    DHS 14

    BB 1

    Sea World 1

    Universal/IOA around 24 maybe

    Somehow this all feels off because I’ve gone around 29 or 30 times and it would seem like Epcot would’ve been in there on every trip at the very least because I can’t imagine getting that close and not doing at least one day at Epcot. :)

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