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    Sadly, as long as there are lawyers willing to take these idiotic cases, they will continue to occur. And as long as money keeps being paid, you know people will try to push the envelope…
    Seriously, does everything need a warning label?

    It’s true. My attorney says it just has to pass the “laugh test”. If you can say “I want to sue Disney because a bird attacked me” and you find a lawyer who doesn’t laugh, there’ll be someone to take your case. Lawyers have an ethical duty not to take frivolous cases but sadly some of them (especially young ones) still take cases like this to try to make a name for themselves. They’re overzealous and don’t realize they won’t win.

    Apparently we do need warning labels for everything but I don’t think we should. I think it’s preventing natural selection. Also, as if she would have done anything differently had there been a warning sign about birds :smirk:

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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