• tonybourgeois gained an experience level 1 week ago

    I went from level 50 to level 52

    • Congrats! :animal:

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    • Congrats on the twofer!!!!! :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

    • Congrats on your double level up! :dole: :dole: :mbar: :mbar:

    • Wow!! Awesome job, Pal! Congrats!! :) :up: :dole: :mbar: :churro: :cupcake:

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      [Brooks and Dunn- Boot Scootin’ Boogie]
      Down in Kissimmee past the Disney World sign
      There is a bus I’m on following the monorail line
      I can’t stop jumpin’ and folks think I hit the wine
      I got Disney tickets, Mickey Ears too
      Magic Kingdom is where, I do the Mickey Mouse Boogie!
      I gotta go there, I so miss it dearly
      It’s almost time, I hit the gate runnin’
      Fire up my runnin’ shoes, for Space Mountain
      I go flyin’ down that Main Street
      Boy that Hub’s neat
      Rope drop here I come
      Doin’ the Mickey Mouse Boogie!
      Yeah, Mickey Ears flyin’ here
      Come on people let’s get movin’!
      Oh, hurry up cast dude I’m in a hurry, gotta move it.
      Oh, get down, turn around, Toon Town, Mickey Mouse Boogie!

    • Congrats on the twofer!! :dory: :dory:

    • Way to go :D

    • :clap: :clap: Congratulations!