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@rocketear99 Thanks! :) And that included stops for crossing streets and Leia’s potty breaks. Wow, I can’t believe you don’t have a smart phone! I also bought a tag that clips on to my Fitbit (made by the same company) so that if the worst happens, it has my name and emergency contact info should someone find me. I got one for Leia also that clips to her harness in the event that she gets away from me. I take her regular collar off when we use the running harness and her running harness doesn’t currently have a tag. It’s unbearable to think about but a couple years ago a school teacher in his 50s was killed in a hit and run while running on one of the trails I use for my distance runs. We’re coming up on the anniversary of his death and people are laying flowers and it got me thinking about my own safety precautions. It’s awesome that you and Christy run together! I don’t have a running buddy for distance runs but I do have Leia for shorter runs :pluto: how far do you plan on running before Dopey?