What is the New Country in Epcot?

D23 is announcing the latest addition to Epcot tomorrow at the expo.

All rumors and leads point to Brazil. We ran a poll on Facebook to see what you all thought. 69 people voted:

71% Yes, it’s Brazil!

29% No, it’s something else.

We will find out tomorrow what it’s going to be!

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  1. I really hope it’s not Brazil :P

    • me too!! i’m hoping for india, but i doubt it

      • That would be awesome! I want something completely different to what we have already. I would pick: India, Israel (I know they probably wouldn’t go there due to politics which sucks), South Africa, Australia or New Zealand :map:

        • oooooh south africa would be awesome! i wish africa got more love in general besides the outpost and morocco. i’d love for isreal too but i can’t see that going over well haha

          • I agree, I think Africa needs more representation in the World Showcase

  2. Its not a new country at all…. its a new 3 story festival center. :angry:

  3. So today was super underwhelming :P

  4. so is Cherry Tree Lane what we thought would be a new country? yes a bit underwhelming, as well as fearful of how long we will be seeing construction walls through all of the front of Epcot, my favorite place :( change is good but this seems to be too much all at once. we shall see and remain hopeful :)

    • Yeah I’m not stoked about all the construction walls either :down: plus, what will this mean for Marathon Weekend 2020?!

      • I think it will mean detours :( has anyone seen a start date or estimated finish date for any of the changes? I don’t think I remember seeing any estimates. i know they are slowly moving stuff away from the front and back of space ship earth, but was not sure if was any solid timeline.

        • All that Future World area: Mouse Gear, Fountain View, Club Cool, Innoventions, I thought I read on the DPB will all close on September 30

          • :( :(

  5. There was no announcement on a new country, but a Mary Poppins attraction has put in it’s place.

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