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The last year has had its share. Locked up in our homes. Wrapped in sterile outerwear whenever we have to leave our home. An social media election from Hell. While working from home has its advantages, going stir crazy from being cooped up, kind of counteracts that convenience. 

I have written about the musical talents in the Disney stables one several occasions. The Sherman Brothers, Alan Menken, Howard Ashman, to name a few. But there is one that I left out. Well, mea culpa! I left out…

Mother Nature!

Yes, the ultimate in sound composition, Mother Nature has no equal.  Imagine if you just allowed Nature’s sound in Disney’s Animated Movies.  Imagine the opening sequence to Lion King? The sound of the birds in flight, the hooves of the approaching herds, the cacophony of sounds from the animals.

Guess what, YOU DON’T HAVE TOO!!!!!!!!!!

Disney has captured that for us. On Disney+, Disney has merged the philosophy of Zen and Animation and have created another new word, Zenimation!  Zenimation is new series with 10 episodes on Disney+. It takes their animated features and just allows Zen’s natural sounds, to flow through these vignettes of flashbacks, focusing on the backgrounds of those animated features.

Numerous philosophies incorporate meditation to center oneself.  That moment when you can eliminate all the static of life and just focus on Mother Natures sound track bringing peace to your mind and soul.  Imagine the sequence of painting with the Colors of the Wind from Pocahontas, and truly allowing the wind to do the painting of the sound? You don’t have too.

Imagine surfing Hawaii’s biggest waves, and the Hawaiian music, is the waves. You Don’t Have Too. Imagine flying on a giant eagle through the clouds, across the water, among the birds and the sound track is the eagles wings, the wind, the water and the birds… YOU DON’ … okay, you get my point.

In my readings of the process of animation, background art has been a huge focus.  The forests of Bambi, the snow covered landscape of Arrendale. The Scottish highlands in Brave. These backgrounds provide a richness to the story.  Allowing that believable association with environment. Now Disney has added Mother Nature’s sound track, and truly makes the environment the story, and the characters have become the background. Absolute Genius!!!!!

Disney has separated into categories sound with animation for us to enjoy.  Water, Wind, even prat fall humor. The episodes are about 6 minutes, but if you fast forward to episode 11, they combine them.

Don’t take my word for it. Watch the Official Trailer above. If you are working from home, tune into your Disney+. Navigate to Zenimation, select episode 11 and absorb the peace and tranquility of your moment of Zen.  

dngnb8 is one of our contributors to D-COT and helps provide some very interesting historical info as well as the latest official Disney news.


  1. NICE. :up:

  2. I listen to Zenimation every Sunday in a seated position closing my eyes and a couple sips of :coffee: while listening to the soundscapes of nature & humanity. Namaste!

  3. A lot of the Animal Kingdom area music you can play in the Jukebox is very relaxing.

  4. Oh I think I will have to check these out! Thanks for reminding me they are out there.

  5. I think this is such a great idea! :up: I didn’t know about this so thanks for sharing! :) I will be checking these out for sure!

    “While working from home has its advantages, going stir crazy from being cooped up, kind of counteracts that convenience” – truer words have never been said. I was over it after a month :P

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