What Does Disney Mean?

In 1929 a man, but a man not like any other man, moved west. A few bucks in his pocket, and a dream. From this dream, an empire grew. This empire started with little films, growing into features, an entertainment delivery system like no other then or today.

In the years of this growth, through the generations, Disney has touched many people, almost 90 years worth. If you’re reading this, you are one who has been touched, or will be . Whether it is in the chat tool, the forums, jukebox, or all of them, you are indeed touched by the Disney Dream (pun intended). The sponsors of this site have shared their dream with us, allowing all of us to dream together. They have invited us and brought us into their circle of memories. Friendships have been created and dreams have been shared and made. Not many products have this effect on total strangers.

What does that mean to you? What does that mean to me? What it means to each individual is different. Is it joy, memory, fun, message? Look around when you’re in Disney. Whether it is a store, the parks, a hotel, it really doesn’t matter the location, look at the people inside. Look at their faces. Those are faces of joy.

Disney is a font of joy, fun and memories. Everyone has their trigger, their favorite association. Each one of you here can relate in the comments where your origination story emanates from. Mine began as far back as 1965. yes, I am old, but I have been blessed to live long enough to enjoy the Disney font. My love of Park History was birthed from this joy.

What does a Disney Princess mean to you? Strength, beauty, truth, honesty? What does it mean to that little girl who wants to dress like her? Disney speaks to young and old alike. It speaks every language, including the language of the heart. Disney is community. Online, in the parks, movie theaters, books, magazines, even on your phone. Everyone has one thing in common, the memories are a treasured joy we keep with us forever. I am almost 58 years old, and I still remember my family trips to Disneyland when I was 5 and 6 years old. The fact that I still have memories that long ago amazes me, and frankly, I don’t remember others. That is the strength of the experience, the anchor of Disney that resides on ones heart.

When I think of what Disney means to me, it is that family connection. Memories before technology. Memories with my family. Memories with my friends. Today, my wife of 30 years and I celebrate these memories and we pass them on to the next generation. Our last trip was with my Granddaughter, and the cycle continues. It seems appropriate to me that the phrase “Circle of Life ” is one Disney elevated.

In my family, that Circle is now in its 4th generation. So I say to all of you who read this, embrace the Circle of Disney Life, pass on the traditions, experience the joy of family, community and the memories. Yeah, doing Disney ain’t cheap, but ask yourself….

How much are memories you will carry your whole life worth?

I can tell you, from 52 years of memories, they are truly priceless.

Source: My heart

dngnb8 is one of our contributors to D-COT and helps provide some very interesting historical info as well as the latest official Disney news.


  1. I really enjoyed reading this. Thanks for sharing from your :heart: .

  2. I loved this! This made me cry a little (happy tears). :heart: :minnie:

  3. It is about memories! Reading your article had those happy memories popping in my head. The music we get here can help get us through sad times and make a great day even better! And because of Disney Magic – no one is “old”. :minnie:

  4. Disney has changed so much between my first visit at 10-11 years old and my last visit last February, it’s totally different today but I still cherish the memories of our first few trips in the 80s when everything was new and magical! Epcot in the 80s was the best!! World of Motion, Horizons, Kitchen Kabaret, Figment and Dreamfinder :figment:
    I remember crying on the monorail when we left at the end of our first ever visit (there was only Magic Kingdom back then!) :cinderella:

  5. All those faces of joy suddenly change when you work there… :P

  6. This was wonderful! Thanks for posting it. And so true @minniec10, I listen to the music every day to make the days so much better!!

  7. Disney to me is a place that nothing can go wrong. When my brother passed away, it was the one place I could go where the outside world couldn’t touch me and a place that held nothing but great memories with him. So for me, it’s my safe place. Not just the parks, but Disney as whole. :heart:

  8. Thanks for sharing! I agree that Disney is family. It just brings people together!

  9. Fantastic and very well written. Thank you for this. I too have many years of Disney memories full of Disney movies, Disney music, Disney vacations, and I love coming to D-COT every day to see other like minded people :minnie:

  10. What a great article! I cried thinking back over our years of memories and the best part is the anticipation of making more memories with the next trip – this is a great start to my day! Thank you!

  11. Fantastic article! :clap: it really struck me when you wrote about remembering Disney trips from when you were 5-6 but not having other memories from that long ago, “That is the strength of the experience, the anchor of Disney that resides on ones heart”. It’s so true! I am the same way, the only memories I have going that far back are Disney memories :ears:

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