Will the Enormous Floating Platforms for EPCOT’s “Harmonious” Ruin the Vista of World Showcase Lagoon?

Harmonious barge placed in the World Showcase Lagoon at Epcot

Disney Parks Blog announced that the first of five enormous floating platforms was moved into position on World Showcase Lagoon to begin testing of its onboard show equipment. These will be used for the newest nighttime spectacular coming to EPCOT, “Harmonious”.

Zach Riddley, Walt Disney World Site Portfolio Executive, Walt Disney Imagineering said that “once completed, these platforms will create a sparkling fountain, providing new energy to World Showcase during the daytime, and after dark, they’ll become part of one of the largest nighttime shows ever created for a Disney Park! Work continues, and we will be sharing details of the creative vision, music, imagery and global inspiration for this one-of-a-kind spectacular as we make additional progress.”

Take a look at the size of these platforms. They are monstrous! Can you imagine what having five of these in the lagoon would look like? Gone will be the days of the wonderful vista we enjoy today. Disney says these platforms will be used as fountains during the day. I do my best to trust Disney to make the best decision so I am hoping that these fountains will actually add to the World Showcase Lagoon’s vista. What do you think?

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  1. I think it’s too early to call whether this will “ruin” anything. I’m gonna wait until all of them are out and on before I make an official opinion.

  2. Thought at first perhaps they could submerge it during the day, but it really looks quite tall.
    Are we sure it doesn’t move like the inferno barge and the others?
    They would have to be some serious fountains to look reasonable.
    And then five serious fountains on a windy day?
    Might it be ‘raining’ on at least one side of world showcase?

    Still if they disguise them at all and the nighttime show is all that we may decide its fine.
    So I guess I agree to wait and see before making an official opinion.

  3. That looks pretty huge and ugly :( I thought they would bring them out at night and then put them back but I guess not. I’m a little worried, I don’t see how they could blend in.

  4. I am still holding out hope they will bring them out later in the day :) @jpg828 good point that you could have “rain” if its windy…I used to love that at the original fountain :)

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