Disney Now Offering Cast Members Disney+ Bundle or Main Entrance Pass

Beginning January 2020, Cast Members can choose the Disney Parks Main Entrance Pass or the Disney+ bundle, which includes Disney+, ESPN+, and ad-supported Hulu.

Regardless of the perk chosen, CMs will still receive complimentary park tickets each year and self-admission to U.S. theme parks.

The Main Entrance Pass allows Cast Members to take family and friends to the theme parks for free. It does come with some blackout dates and restrictions.

This perk is selected annually. What are your thoughts on this? Which one would you choose?


  1. Disney plus with extras is what? $11/month? That’s $132 a year. You take one friend with you ONE day to the parks and it is $109! I’d take the friend pass every time.

    • It makes sense to use the pass. I don’t understand how Disney executives think this is even a perk. They should *add* Disney+ as a perk. :pooh:

  2. I think Disney+ would make sense if you didn’t have friends or family to take, you’d just be letting tickets go to waste.
    I would go with the tickets since it’s a much better value. That and I am completely spoiled by them LOL

  3. I don’t understand either, Cast Members should have this offer.

  4. The pass is better value sure, but I guess it would depend on what I was doing. CMs get discounted tickets anyway, right? I’d get Disney+ if I didn’t have friends or family that needed tickets. TBH even so I’d probably make them buy their own and just get them a discount :P the tickets are better value but that’s a one time thing. You could watch Disney+ for a whole year

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