Disney+ Launches Soon

Disney is hyping up its launch of Disney+ by sending out e-mails to its subscribers with a countdown clock.

Disney+ Coming Soon

The email says “In just a few days, the Vault will open. The Force will awaken. Your favorites will assemble, all in one place. While you wait, check out some Disney+ Originals trailers.

What a cute play on words, don’t you think? I’m hoping their servers will be able to handle the traffic. 😅 I plan to sit down in front of my TV and stream the Mandalorian first. I just hope that I don’t see a spinning load indicator.

What are you planning to stream first?

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  1. You’re right, I think the play on words is pretty neat! But why won’t Captain America be streaming?! :(

    Oh my gosh I didn’t even think about the servers! :surprised: hopefully they’ve preempted that and we won’t face a Stitch/Olaf situation like on MDE

  2. :up:

  3. Oh I’m totally anticipating problems LOL

    • Based on how they can’t get their :darn: together on My Disney Experience and the WDW app, I wouldn’t be surprised

      • Don’t get me going on the My Disney Experience app.. :angry: :angry:
        I was so frustrated, I ended up deleting it

        • odd i’ve never had an issue with the app.

          • They changed it around…. I couldn’t navigate it as easily as before… it was fine before this disaster of an “update”
            So, off my phone it went! :wave:

  4. Has anyone who’s already subscribed know how we will log in? When I subscribed I received an email but it did not have a confirmation number or any log in information.

    • i thought the same thing! the only thing i can think of is that i logged in with my disney account info so it must be connected to that?

      • Guess we’ll have to see. Hopefully more info will be coming out soon :)

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