[NEW MUSIC] Walt Disney Studios Park – Main Entrance – Area Loop (2022)

Dive into the breathtaking worlds of Disney and Pixar, where fantastic shows, attractions and special seasons will make you feel you’re not watching movies, you’re living them!

This loop features instrumental pieces from the franchises featured in the park. In one instance the new composition combined a theme from Frozen which then transitioned to a Black Panther score. Other themes that can now be heard when entering the park include scores from the Toy Story franchise as well as the Marvel films. As part of the ongoing transformation of the Walt Disney Studios Park, Imagineering introduced a new “overture”, featuring instrumental selections from many of the stories and adventures featured within the park.

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  1. I’ll have to give this a listen tomorrow. I know I really enjoy the daytime and nighttime loops we have. If this is as good as those then we are in for a treat!

  2. First listen this morning! :dcot: man this starts out strong!

  3. I’m loving it so far!

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