[NEW MUSIC] Epcot – Future World – Universe of Energy ~ Kinetic Mosaic (Pre-show)

The opening day version of the Universe of Energy attraction was one of the most in-depth and technically intricate attractions Disney Imagineering had designed to that point. That began in the pre-show, which featured a film from Czech film director Emil Radok about various forms of energy, known as the Kinetic Mosaic. The mosaic featured 100 rotating prism-shaped flip screens, that were synchronized to the film projected onto their surfaces by five projectors controlled by computers. Each screen had three sides, with white projection surfaces on two sides and a matte black surface on the third, a combination that created undulating, sometimes 3D-appearing images.

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  1. Oh wow! Can’t wait to listen!

  2. I need to give this a listen! :dcot:

  3. This should be fun to listen to on Monday!

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