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Walt’s — An American Restaurant is a fine dining table service restaurant located on Main Street in Disneyland Paris, themed to Walt Disney and the various lands of Disneyland. Serving sophisticated and contemporary American cuisine with European influences, this is a Victorian-style tribute to the life and work of Walt Disney.

Dine amongst a timeless backdrop of Walt’s finest moments in rooms themed to reflect the six worlds of Disneyland Park. Enter the grand lobby and make your way to the first floor. As you ascend the steps, framed images of Walt’s work take you on a journey from the creation of Mickey Mouse to the release of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Once seated, you can tuck into delicious American meals and admire the setting of your chosen room.

The themed rooms are:

  • Fantasyland 
    A gothic-style room that presents an early vision of Fantasyland. The room is adorned with paintings, concept art and sculptures of European tales, such as Sleeping Beauty, Pinocchio and Alice in Wonderland
  • Adventureland
    Oriental in style, this room features sketches of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride by Imagineer Marc Davis
  • Discoveryland 
    To underline Jules Verne’s strong influence on Discoveryland, this room displays a huge collection of illustrations from his many books. There’s even a fireplace ornamented with a golden model of the Nautilus
  • Disneyland Hotel
    A smaller room featuring sketches which inspired the architecture of Disneyland Hotel
  • Grand Canyon 
    Adjacent to the main Frontierland room, this quiet space displays drawings of the Grand Canyon as seen from the Disneyland Railroad attraction
  • Frontierland 
    Big Thunder MountainPhantom Manor and Thunder Mesa Riverboats dominate this library-like room themed after the haunted town of Thunder Mesa
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  1. This looks like a neat place to dine! I look forward to listening.

  2. Listening now and really enjoying it! :up:

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