Docking Bay 7 Space Sporks: Are They Comfortable for Left-Handers?

Disney is now selling space sporks at Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo in Star Wars: Galaxy鈥檚 Edge. But, is it really useful for left-handers?

Space Spork at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

I cannot say it’s difficult to use since I have not been able to try it yet, but take a look at the shape and imagine trying to eat with it using your left hand. Well, I’m a lefty and this space spork looks like it would be very uncomfortable for me to use. Maybe Disney can release some left-handed-friendly sporks? Hey Disney, hit me up. I would be glad to help you out. 馃榿

These are currently only available on Batuu West, but I expect they will be available on Batuu East soon; with hopefully a version for lefties.

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  1. Hmmm. Hopefully they will have them for our trip in May. I would like to try one and see if it is better than the wood utensils from the Epcot F&W Festival

  2. :bb8: And it even comes with its own travel bag…..outstanding! :up:

  3. They say it’s not easy being green. It’s more so not easy being left-handed. Oh well, I guess we learn how to adapt better, right Steve?!? :)

  4. Lol love the spork!

  5. Being ambidextrous, it’s still half as valuable ;)

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