Two Ice Cream Sandwiches Hit Grocers

Mickey Mouse Cookies ‘N Cream and “Star Wars” Millennium Falcon Ice Cream Sandwiches now available at select grocers.

Why wait 85 minutes to ride the Millennium Falcon when you can literally devour it in 1 second. Seriously, take a look at this ice cream sandwich and tell me you would not fly this around making engine noises and Chewbacca shouts before you slam it into your cry hole.

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Ice Cream Sandwich


And now you can also enjoy Mickey Mouse Cookies ‘N Cream ice cream sandwiches at home! Just take a look at th mslsmml;acaa. Sorry, our face hit the keyboard out of pure excitement.

Mickey Mouse Cookies ‘N Cream ice cream sandwiches

Check with your local grocer to see if they carry these delicious treats! Will you be getting some?


  1. Oh man! It’s going to be a wonderful day if we get these! You know I would totally fly the Falcon around before devouring the fastest hunk o’ junk in the galaxy, in less than 12 parsecs! I really hope we get the Mickey ice cream sandwiches too! I think my wife likes those better than the Mickey bars!

  2. i won’t buy these for one word…”light”. if i’m gonna eat ice cream it is gonna be the fatty yummy stuff. :P

  3. Gotta get my hands on one of those Falcons…will it kill me? Yup. But it’ll be so worth it LOL :heimlich:

  4. Nice! One of our favorite things is to buy a box of Mickey bars and watch our favorite Disney movie on a Friday night. Now we’ll have something new to add to the mix! :)

  5. I mean it’s just ice cream but I REALLY want the Millennium Falcon one. Like, really want it!

    • Right! Do I eat soft pretzels? Not very often. Do I eat soft pretzels when they’re Mickey shaped? Every day!

  6. OMD! this is amazing after the premium ice cream bars, now the ice cream sandwiches thank you Disney gods.

    • Are they still selling those? I haven’t checked in a while

      • I haven’t check Publix yet, but still the Premium Ice Cream Bar are there. :)

  7. I’ve got to start checking for these! :)

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