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    48: Cake from the petisserie in France :D
    49: For me, its a hard pass every time as i can’t really see a use in it…. Tourists don’t really visit any theme park to learn about US history, thats what museums are for and i can’t really imagine US citizens will see it as much of a highlight either. I say close and replace with another attraction (as long as its educational)
    50: Depends on the park
    AK: Killimanjaro Safari :D
    EP: Spaceship Earth
    MK: TTA (what i would give to ride this multiple times in a row)
    MGM: I really fancy muppets 3D!

    • :surprised: Craig, have you ever been in the HoP? It’s always busy every time we go.

      • We done it the first couple of visits, but we tend to pretty much cut through the US pavilion in honesty, we’re already in the USA haha, wer’re living in the US pavilion :D