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    What Is Disney To Me?
    It Means:
    Going to The Disney Store every Time my Mum & I Go to Town,
    Reading Books From Disney’s Wonderful World of Reading Series,
    Watching Shows like Ducktales, :donald: Talespin, The Little Mermaid, :ariel: Aladdin, :aladdin: :jasmine: :lamp: :carpet: Goof Troop, Winnie the Pooh :tigger: :pooh: & Classic Disney Shorts on CITV on ITV,
    Listening to Disney Audio book Cassettes & Music Soundtracks in the car & at home, :dcot:
    Watching All the Classic Movies & Cartoons on Walt Disney Home Video, :sorcerer:
    Flicking Though the pages of Disney & Me & Disney’s Big Time Magazines
    & Reading Walt Disney World Travel Guides & Dreaming of one day Going There. :ears: :sorcerer:
    That’s What Disney Is To ME!

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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