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    Hi all! I have just joined the site, so my apologies if I may have missed something.

    I am seeking help to track down a piece of park music that used to play at Hollywood Studios. I remember hearing it both at the park entrance and in the Commissary Lane area circa 2017, so I doubt it is still being played. It’s this dark, jazzy piece of music that mostly features a saxophone – I actually tracked it down a while back, but now I can no longer seem to identify it. If I recall correctly, it was titled “Back to the Future” (why I have no idea, because to my ears it did not resemble any music from those films) and was from some movie instrumental album from the 1990’s. It always really stood out to me in contrast to the big orchestral pieces that often played, and I would love to hear it again.

    Anybody here know what I’m talking about?

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