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    This will likely get updated in a year or two.

    This is for the folks who love fast rides.


    bexruns 135 XP

    :up: :up: Thank you for posting this! I love seeing/reading about stuff like this.


    I also have to point out… the videography is superb for an online YouTube crew! Just thinking back to the old Disney Channel days of my childhood in the 90s… they NEVER could have made things look this cool and appealing!

    And yeah, the Monorail topped that Disney Channel special list. I’ve tried finding that special on YouTube to no avail…


    kimmykay1122 30 XP

    Alright folks – favorite ride on this list… go!

    Mine – Tower of Terror for sure!


    Acamm 190 XP

    Am I the only one who is shocked that Primeval Whirl is faster than Space Mountain??????? :surprised:


    StupidJudy 55 XP

    @acamm I am surprised Space Mountain is the slowest of the fast rides! I didn’t think Mine Train went faster than Space Mountain!

    @kimmykay1122, too many favorites on this list! I guess the one that makes me the happiest is Tower of Terror, but I do love sitting in the front on Space Mountain…the one that gives me the most thrill is Splash Mountain, just before the big drop!


    Acamm 190 XP

    @stupidjudy You’re so right… I was so surprised that Mine Train is faster than Space Mountain !! I feel like Space Mountain goes SOOOOOooo fast!!! LOL

    @kimmykay1122 my favorite is hands down Space Mountain! I LOVE IT!!


    SEJ101 199 XP

    @kimmykay1122 It should be no surprise that my favorite is the Monorail :cool:

    But if somebody I know didn’t work on them, it would probably be a tie for Splash or Space

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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