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    Has anyone stayed at one of the Disney Springs Hotels? How do these compare to actual WDW hotels and would you recommend or no? I see they do charge a fee per day to stay plus is there transportation from the Airport? What are some benefits, if any or drawbacks as well compared to other hotels within the “walls” so to speak? Also, what about the Bonnet Creek Hotel? Has anyone stayed there and have advice.


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    I have stayed at Bonnet Creek and the B Resort. I drive down, so I can’t speak to any transportation related issues. I really enjoyed our stay at Bonnet Creek, the pool area is wonderful, and they have multiple pools, so we were happy bouncing around and testing them all out. I got a really great deal on a week there through a VRBO type site, and since we couldn’t stay the whole week, we split the cost with another family and they used the other half of the week. For the price and the location, it was an amazing deal. There were some weird things, like having to check out pool towels from an activities desk. And I don’t believe they are on the list of hotels with Extra Magic Hours. Despite that, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.

    I stayed at the B resort for a solo long weekend trip. I didn’t use the pool or any of the amenities, it was a parks heavy trip. They do have Extra Magic Hours if that’s important to you. I found the room to be clean and comfortable, very modern looking. I got a great deal on hotwire, so it ended up being about the same as staying at one of the All Star Resorts.


    In March we stayed at the Holiday Inn just north of Disney Springs, close to the B Resort. It’s nice, clean, although the rooms and the hotel are a bit out of date. Nice size rooms though. Decent in house restaurant. It’s considered a Disney hotel as far as being able to use EMH. There’s a shuttle that runs to the parks and back, but we didn’t use it. We just drove to the parks and paid – unfortunately we had to pay the regular parking fee instead of just being able to drive to the parks like when you stay on property. But to us it was worth it to avoid the unknowns of the shuttle runtime and schedule. Not too far to walk to Disney Springs if you want to head over there. I got a good price through Priceline but you have to watch since booking through them may prevent you from using EMH privileges – at least that’s the drift I got from staff. We didn’t try that though since I was there for work and had kind of a weird schedule for going to the parks. Overall I’d stay there again, but of course, I think it’s always better to stay in the Disney bubble if you can.


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    Through a site, I found that the Hilton Orlando Buena Vista Palace is $600 per person WITH airfare. BUT….no shuttle from the airport and a $35 (plus tax) resort fee on top of that per day. So I’m wondering if all the extra effort of finding a ride to and from the airport and the extra fee is worth the hassle. Also wondering how the shuttles are to and from the parks since it’s not a “real” WDW hotel. All Star Movies is just a bit pricier, but I don’t know if that hotel has been updated. (we stayed at Pop Century last year and it was updated and awesome!)


    that’s a tough one. we were in a different boat since we drove down. so even though the parking may seem pricey (and on a certain level I guess it is) we had a vehicle. the price for us was lower, but I still think the overall experience of staying on property is ideal. now the long term stays and renting nearby, that can change the math. whatever you decide, best of luck!


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    The shuttles to/from the parks do run about every 30 minutes. They aren’t as often as WDW hotels but definitely better than the 3 times in the morning/3 times at night NON good neighbor hotels. I just booked B Resort for a client and the savings vs a value hotel isn’t that much. Sometimes that free Magical express shuttle makes it worth it!
    We’ve personally stayed at Buena Vista Palace on a priceline deal and the rooms they assign you with those deals are not great. Our room smelled like mildew and mold (right after the hurricane). The hotel admitted they were still trying to dry out rooms from water damage. I’m not sure why they would ASSIGN anyone to those rooms knowing they weren’t up to par. I would just be careful while bargain hunting, make sure to do your research.


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    So we stayed at the Buena Vista Palace….the walls were super thin and we got to hear the girls who were up late and early every day for the first three days, talking clearly from the neighboring room. Our room overlooked a roof, I get that not every room was going to have a great view, but on the fourth morning, they also started construction on the floor above us. They finally moved us to a room on the 17th floor overlooking the pool and we slept in every day until we left. The transportation was so awful though, it took forever to get a bus back from Epcot. FOREVER. I’ll be there next year celebrating my older daughter’s 21st bday and I think I will stay on site at a true Disney hotel.


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    This is all good info! I was considering staying in a non-Disney for our next trip to save a little money, but it’s seeming like it’s not a great savings, and a bit more of a hassle ;)

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