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    Question 70 – Haunted Mansion :bride: :hatbox: :leota:

    Question 71 – My favorite Disney smells are the Splash Mountain smell and the original Soarin’ smell. As far as resorts go I think The Beach Club Resort has a lovely aroma to it! :heart: :heart:


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    I love the smell of “sweets” wafting down Main Street in the Magic Kingdom, but my hands down favorite is enjoying the aroma of charcoal and lighter fluid drifting in the evening air at Ft Wilderness Resort & Campground, mmmmm.


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    So many to choose from. I gotta go with either the corndogs from the Red Cart at Disneyland or the musty water from Pirates Of The Caribbean


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    D-COT Daily Disney Question #73 :minniebow:

    What is your favorite Disney Resort swimming pool?


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    73 – That’s a tough one! Although there’s so much to do at Stormalong Bay, I think my favorite would be a toss up between the Poly and AKV-Kidani.

    The Poly pool is just so damn cool, the theme has such a wow factor! And being able to see the castle wayyyyy off in the distance is really cool too

    AKV-Kidani has so many memories for me, but it’s just a gorgeous pool area. There’s so much greenery, the splash pad area was always a favorite of Cammie’s when she was younger. And it doesn’t hurt that I can always find a great spot to lounge, and have someone bring me mai tais :P


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    Not a big swimmer but you gotta love Stormalong Bay


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    Samawati Springs!


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    not big on pools but i do love that the AoA one has music underwater!!


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    #73 the Poly 👍


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    Quiet pool at the Poly


    71 – The smell of fresh cut grass and the pine trees at Ft Wilderness

    73 – Does it have to be a currently active “pool”? The beach at Ft Wilderness, well back when you could swim in Bay Lake. I would have said River Country, but since that was an extra fee to enter, well that might be stretching it. For a little history Ft Wilderness did not get a pool till the mid 1980’s, prior to that swimming options were in Bay Lake, pay extra to get into River Country or traveling to the Contemporary or Poly.


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    I never have time to go into he pools so I can’t really give an answer. :)


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    #73 – The quiet pool at the Wilderness Lodge Villas :heart:


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    Hmm, used to be the Soarin’ orange grove. But, since that’s no longer there, it’s a toss up between Spaceship Earth’s Rome burning or the Disney bathrooms. There’s just something about the cover scent they use in the bathrooms. I went to a Walnart bathroom one time and they used the same scent. Took me right back to the Tangle area bathrooms.

    LOL That’s awesome LOL


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    71 – I think Main Street. Just the smell and sight together when entering Main Street. Gets me every time “home”

    73 – (did we miss 72?) I guess I don’t really have a favorite pool because we haven’t been to them all. So I can’t really give an educated answer on this.

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