[PODCAST] November 21, 2022 – Bob Iger Returns as CEO, Crowd Levels for Thanksgiving Week, Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party Sold Out, Fab 50 Statues Update and More

Hello and welcome back to the D-COT disCast. Today is Monday, November 21, 2022 and we’re talking about Bob Iger returning as CEO, crowd levels this week for Thanksgiving, Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, What’s Going On with the Tower of Terror, the gold Fab 50 statues and more…

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  1. Good riddance!

  2. We were part of the 50% that DID NOT use the Genie+. We did the Lightning Lane for Guardians of the Galaxy and Rise of the Resistance. We could have skipped the LL for RotR by hitting it during Extra Early You Really Need That Coffee Double Shot Magic Hours, but we were going to use that for Slinkey Dog, but SD was down all day we were in Disney’s Hollywood Studio.

    In the end we did what we wanted to with minimal issues so skipping Genie+ worked out fine. Funny thing was RotR was more expensive than GotG. :surprised:

    • Thanks for sharing that information! Yeah I still think RotR is the GOAT if attractions at WDW.

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