[disCast] “FastPass” Returns, Beach Club Resort Stay Debacle, New Disney Movie “Wish” – July 25, 2023

Hello and welcome back to the D-COT disCast. I’m your host Steve and today is Tuesday, July 25, 2023. Today we’re talking about FastPass returning to Tokyo Disney, the debacle at my Beach Club Resort stay, Disney’s new movie “Wish” and more!

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  1. Oh my goodness! At least you got a good outcome overall but what a pain (and a lot of walking too!) I too love the Tarzan soundtrack (you’ll be in my heart is my Dad song from my wedding :heart: ) we stayed a last minute trip at the Institute long ago… no classes but loved the closeness to walk to springs! Oooh Indy!

    • Thanks for listening! Yeah, lots of walking hahahah!! There’s so much history at Disney World with all those changes.

  2. we’ve had a couple times where cast members have helped. broken fridge – i think they gave us a $50 credit to pay for our groceries we lost. One time (years ago with the kiddos were little) we had a horrible night…waited over an hour and never got seated at Primer Time despite our reservations. Then we couldn’t find the tent where they were selling Boba Fett Pete before it closed. Hubby.was annoyed…family was starving and daughter was destroyed she couldn’t get the ONE character she was missing. He went to guest services and they gave us SO much credits for free food (it was Star Wars week so we got some naughty cupcakes, a darth vader popcorn bucket and drinks). Then the lady ran all the way across the park to the closed stand and brought my daughter back Pete. We offered to pay for it and she said no, she could just have it. It completely redeemed what was a terrible night

    • Oh my! Thanks for sharing your experience and story! Disney does manage to make things right.

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