[disCast] Guest Tragedy on Property, VIP Tour Discounts, New Disneyland Restaurant, Happiest Haunts Guided Tour – July 28, 2023

Hello and welcome back to the D-COT disCast. I’m your host Steve and today is Friday, July 28, 2023. Today we’re talking about a Guest tragedy on property, VIP tour discounts, a new Disneyland restaurant, Happiest Haunts Guided Tour and more!

Steve is the founder and administrator of D-COT. If anything breaks on the site, @TheSwedishChef is the founder and administrator.


  1. enjoying the longer format :) lots of good stuff. and loving the end music too!!

  2. SIMBA! LOL you crack me up! I love your humor on these discasts! :heart: :clap:

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