[PODCAST] August 24, 2022 – H2O+ Retires the Brand, New Park Reservation Updates, Disney+ Day and more

Hello and welcome to the D-COT disCast. Today is August 24, 2022 and today we are talking about changes to the park reservation system, the H2O+ brand, a new intro to Disney Enchantment nighttime show, Imagination Pavilion springs a leak, the lawsuit against Duke Caboom and Disney+ Day.

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  1. Soooo dad about h2o+. Because of Disney I started using their whole line of products:(

  2. I am also sad about H20+! :( they were honestly some of the best products I’ve found! I am prone to migraines and can’t use a majority of scented lotions because they trigger my migraines. H20+ had enough scent that it smelled good, but not overdone to the point of giving me migraines. I would never have discovered them if not for Disney! Back to the drawing board… I wonder what Disney will use instead at their resorts?

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