D-CoT, the Disney Community of Tomorrow, Welcomes You

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You’re here! It’s so great to see you! :clap: You are going to have so much fun visiting. For starters, it’s a good idea to acquaint yourself with how to get around the site. Our FAQ page will help you with that. The biggest “to-do’s” on our site are the :note: jukebox, forums and photos. You can get to these easily by using the navigation at the top of this page. When you hover over your username, you will see more options.

The Jukebox

Our pride and joy, the jukebox is a place you can listen to your favorite Disney theme park music whilst chatting with other fans just like you! For starters, you are given 10 favorite slots. This will allow you to grab any song you like from the jukebox and put it in your “favorites” playlist. You also receive 80 hours/month of listening time. You receive an additional 10 slots and 1 hour for every experience level you gain. To find out more about experience levels, click here. You can remove the slot and listening limit by becoming a supporter where you get a bunch of cool benefits.


Do you love what we do here and want to support it? Awesome! You rock! Your support contributes to hosting, maintenance and licensing. When you gain a supporter status you receive the following perks:

  • Access to the D-COT iOS app (when released)
  • Access to the mobile jukebox (listen on-the-go)
  • +1 experience level (XP)
  • Unlimited favorite slots
  • Custom playlists
  • Listen to other supporter’s custom playlists
  • Order your playlists
  • Unlimited listening hours
  • Supporter tag on activities, your profile page and forums
  • Green username color in the jukebox listener list
  • Access to the Magic Playlist option in the jukebox desktop version
  • Exclusive access to giveaways and contests
Mickey Thumbs Up


Click here to start your supporter status today!


It’s so much fun to share photos from your Disney vacations. Here at D-CoT, you can create albums and share them with your pals. Cool! Are you at a Disney park and want to share a photo with you and the main cheese, Mickey? Point your smartphone’s browser to https://www.d-cot.com and upload a photo to share with your pals.


When you meet certain criteria you can unlock badges. These are bragging rights on the site and are displayed on your profile page.

Social Media

We plan to have a more active social media presence for D-COT on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Be sure to click those links and follow.

I bet you’re super-excited to start listening to Disney park music. We would be too! OK OK, head on over to the jukebox are start listening. Enjoy!