The New Jukebox

The New Jukebox

Get Ready for something fun!

The new version of the jukebox is ready! If you’re just too excited to read more on it and want to start playing around, head on over and start playing!

The new jukebox is built using a complete new framework that will be fast and easy to use. It will work on all your devices: desktop, tablet and mobile. All of your favorites, playlists and data is still there! It’s only a new visual experience.

Let’s take a look at the log in screen. It’s simple.

After you successfully authenticate, you will be brought to the new home screen. The first time you log into that device it will ask you to start listening to music so it can suggest songs you might like and provide you with your recently played tracks. At the top you will see a section of the trending songs. Click the “See all” link to get a full list of all the tracks for each section you’re interested in.

On the left-side of the screen you will see the sidebar menu. This is where you can navigate around and explore all the playlists… even the ones you custom-made. RIGHTOUS!

In the right sidebar you will see a list of other listeners that are tuned in! Hover over their profile pictures to see what they’re listening to; click to go to their profile page and find out more!

The catalog has been beefed up! It’s easier to search and filter for the songs you want to hear and add to your custom playlists. Right from this screen you can listen, add, rate and get more info.

The playlist screen has been revamped too! The background image will dynamically change depending on the location of the song you’re listening to. You also have a song count, highlighted below, as well as some new options in the vertical-dot dropdown menu. That’s right! You can grab a special URL that you can share with your pals so they can listen with you.

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