[disCast] Transportation Change at EPCOT, Figment Tumbles, Extended Park Hours at Animal Kingdom, Encanto Day at Magic Kingdom – September 15, 2023

Hello and welcome back to the D-COT disCast. I’m your host Steve and today is Friday, September 15th, 2023. Today we’re talking about a transportation change at EPCOT, Figment tumbles at his meet and greet, extended park hours at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, “Encanto” Day at Magic Kingdom and more!

Steve is the founder and administrator of D-COT. If anything breaks on the site, @TheSwedishChef is the founder and administrator.


  1. Poor Figgy :figment:

  2. i feel like they are fibbing the Little Mermaid number. I don’t know a person who has seen it. I have no desire.
    oh and BLESS YOU! LOL

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