Got the Club Going Up

Club 33, the most exclusive and expensive club owned by Disney, is in the works for Florida. There will be one in each of the four major theme parks and we already know the locations for three of them. Magic Kingdom’s is right next door to the Jungle Navigation Co. LTD Skipper Canteen in Adventureland, Epcot’s is upstairs in the American Adventure building, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios is in the Brown Derby. But what about Disney’s Animal Kingdom?

One suggestion is DINOSAUR. Well, not exactly in the Dino Institute or the attraction itself, but right next door in the Dinosaur Lounge. This lounge is super hidden and was used by McDonald’s back when they sponsored Countdown to Extinction and DINOSAUR. The lounge is well furnished, super hidden, and not well known, it would work quite well. Supposedly the furniture would be more…Club 33 like than in the image. However, there aren’t many scenic views from this lounge. You could probably see Chester and Hester’s Dino-Rama, which is totally the best view in the park (sarcasm alert).

The other big player in the field is Africa. Permits have been filed to the left of the Festival of the Lion King building and most sources claim this is for Club 33. It will be on a hill and supposedly provide a view of the Tree of Life. However, another minor player is in the field. A very tiny rumor with little known about is the addition of a Lion King dark ride. Whether it would be the original or “live-action” is unknown. The Lion King is rather popular, which can be evidenced by the crowds Festival of the Lion King attracts. More likely than not, this land will go to Club 33 instead.

One final suggestion is a backroom in Tiffins, but that doesn’t seem to be happening. Either way, you probably won’t be able to get in. Try not to shoot the messenger, we are in a distinguished establishment after all.

SEJ101 is one of our contributors to D-COT and finds all the juicy gossip going on at Disney.


  1. The club has a waiting list a decade long. At DLR they even closed the list because the list is so long

  2. @dngnb8 I didn’t know that there was a waiting list!! :surprised:

    • It literally is estimated to be 10 years of wait to get an open membership.

  3. one day, one day, sigh…..

  4. by the time i ever manage to afford a spot, i’ll be long dead when it’s my turn on the waiting list LOL

  5. I’m a little bummed about this as one of the reasons it was so exclusive (aside from the price and list) was that only DLR had it. :(

    • There is a similar club in Ca Adv too.

    • I have to agree with that. Takes away from the original purpose :down:

      • The original purpose of the clubs was a place for Walt to entertain dignitaries with the availability of booze since the park at that time did not have that option.

  6. I wish they still used that Dinosaur lounge! That looks cool! I’m not snooty enough to want to be in Club 33, plus I kinda don’t see the point now the original purpose is obsolete, but I would like to go to that Dinosaur lounge! :mint:

    • As a fellow Dinosaur enthusiast, there’s not much I wouldn’t do just to get a peek at it!!!!

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