Coronavirus and Its Affects on Disney

Te Hub at Magic Kingdom

As you all probably know, Disney World is closing its parks tonight.

We know Disneyland had a huge farewell Friday night as guests left the park. Check out the video below.

As Disneyland closed for the evening, cast members gathered for a very special goodbye. Thank you cast members, guests and friends for your support during this time. We鈥檒l see you all real soon!#disneyland

Posted by Disneyland Resort Ambassadors on Saturday, March 14, 2020

Disney is making the right choice here by closing its doors to Guests in order to protect everyone and implement the social distancing we are all asked to do.

But, how much does it hurt?

Let’s touch on the emotional hurt.

I love Disney. As a Floridian and Disney AP holder for over 10+ years, Disney is not just a vacation spot for me. It’s my backyard playground for my family. Not being able to visit Walt Disney World is going to be difficult.

It hurts knowing that tomorrow morning the pressure washers will be out there cleaning everything only to be greeted with silence. The pitter-patter of Guests’ feet, laughter and cheers will be absent. The silence will be deafening. The Disney Magic will come to a temporary halt, but never disappear. The magic will live on through communities like D-COT.

Tonight as Walt Disney World closes I am sure there will be tears from Guests as they exit the parks and tears from those of us at home who truly love Disney. It will be the last time fireworks will be set off, the parade floats roll down Main Street USA and Disney characters share hugs and smiles with Guests.

How about the financial hurt?

Disney has laid off thousands of its Disney Programs and it was announced today that some of the live events at Epcot were ending. Where will it go from here?

Disney is a huge company… massive… like something you cannot imagine. There is no doubt COVID-19 has already caused enough damage, but it’s not over yet. This is only the beginning. All of the Disney Parks are closed as of tomorrow until March 31st, 2020. Will that be extended? Nobody knows.

What we do know is that the Disney community is strong and it’s the magic and spirit of each and every one of us that will keep Disney alive.

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  1. I can鈥檛 begin to imagine the impact it will have across all its many divisions 馃槥 I hope they keep all the background loops in the parts running so the working cast members can hear some happiness at least :)

  2. Oh way to make me cry. :( This is so sad, even though I know they’re making the right decision.

  3. :(

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