Magic Behind the Music: Magic Kingdom – Main Street USA – Halloween Area Loop

Put a spirited spring in your step with this music on the D-COT Jukebox!

That chill in the air isn’t a hitchhiking ghost breathing down your neck… although it could be! Most likely it’s just October, but there’s something about the cooler air, the longer nights, and of course the Halloween theme that keeps people coming back to the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World this time of year. Have you just enjoyed a bowl of pumpkin or butternut squash soup? Are you admiring the Mickey Jack-o-lanterns, and other pumpkin and autumn leaf décor? Are you catching the smell of sugary treats wafting through the air? In place of the usual ragtime music do you hear the eerie music of a pipe organ? If so, you just might be walking right down the middle of Main Spook, er, Street, USA on the evening of a Halloween Party. Incidentally that smell of sugary treats could be your bag of candy or the Confectionary. Only you can know for sure. Maybe it’s both!

Also, don’t be too quick to dearly depart, because that ragtime music comes up now and again when you’re listening to the Halloween Area Loop of Main Street USA. Since Main Street USA is a sort-of beginning of adventures to come in the Magic Kingdom, it would be fitting to discuss the beginning of Disney’s frightening foray into all things Halloween. You could say it began with their first Halloween celebration at Walt Disney World in 1972. More likely, it would be the first party at Disneyland in 1959. No matter, but that’s just the theme parks. Disney entertainment has been having swinging wakes with ghoulish delight for much longer. The oldest piece of Disney film having anything to do with Halloween was made as early as 1929! It also happens to be the very first Silly Symphony: The Skeleton Dance, and in some ways, the animation still holds up better than the stacks of dry bones it portrays and people still find it humerus.

Suffice it to say, when it comes to this ghostly celebration, Disney has experience keeping in the spirit. As for us, here at D-COT, this feature track debuted on the Jukebox on October 18, 2020. Happy 2 years! Since then it has been played 593 times. Being that we’re in the midst of the spooky season, it has a weekly play count of 10. 16 members have made it a favorite and Supporters have added it to 16 Custom Playlists. It get’s a 5/5 rating across 14 votes. Ears hoping if you got to experience this atmosphere in person this year, or your plans kept you dead set on being elsewhere, this music lifted your spirits!

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