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    Croaker 15 XP

    i have 2 WDW marathon weekend 1/2 marathon races, 1 Dark Side 1/2, 2 Tower of Terror 10 Mile.

    the first 1/2 marathon we ran we showed up on the wrong day. we had signed up for the 5k and were late. jumped into a corral and off we went with the intention of running the first 3 miles and then leaving. since we live a mile high and the race is practically at sea level, we did better than anticipated and actually finished! the hook was set! 6 months later we did the Tower of Terror 10 mile. now we try for at least one Disney race a year and have run a 5k here in Wyoming and a 1/2 in Maui, 1/2 in Anchorage, and a 1/2 in Madison WI. of all the races. the Tower 10 mile has been my favorite! (except the part where you have to run down a dirt road to the ESPN complex) the worst…the Dark Side due to the 5 miles (actually logged it on my i-phone) of line walking to get on a bus to leave the ESPN finish line.)


    ABeach 137 XP

    I’ve only run one…the 2014 WDW 1/2. It was awful! Hated having to be up at 3am to catch a bus to be dropped off in an area where we then had to walk a long way just to get to the corals. Then we waited for almost two hours for the race to begin. The course was extremely narrow in some areas and it was very crowded. I really thought I would enjoy it more than I did. I do not anticipate running in any other RunDisney events. :down:


    Croaker 15 XP

    we rent a car, get there early and take a nap in the car…then pee like 5 times before we head to the starting line. Disney Runs are not a good time to stay at a resort.


    2014 WDW 10k & WDW 1/2
    2016 Dopey Challenge

    I loved the events, look forward to some rD event in the future :up: :ears:


    10dedfish 67 XP

    2015 Wine and Dine 1/2 of a 1/2 marathon.

    6 miles were dropped from the course (thru animal kingdom) due to a weather event. Start was delayed about 2hrs. Had fun, got to see the osbourne lights and ended at Epcot. Got to walk around Epcot at 3 Am. Was pretty cool. I may consider doing another, but the cost is VERY prohibitive.


    starbee 153 XP

    Only the runDisney Virtual Running Shorts. I thought about running the inaugural Star Wars Light Side 5k but I couldn’t justify the cost of a WDW trip just for that race. I would like to participate in a runDisney event at the World some time in the future, but I’m not sure it will ever happen. I don’t like the early start time or the crowds. I feel like it would be a very stressful trip and that’s what I try to avoid when I take a Disney vacation.


    bexruns 137 XP

    2014 Disneyland Half Marathon
    2015 Avengers Half Marathon
    2017 Neverland 5K, and the Pixie Dust Challenge (10k and Half Marathon)


    Croaker 15 XP

    How was the Avengers run? also what is it like to run in Disneyland? i’ve only run WDW.


    Disneydana 2 XP

    I’ve done a few runs myself…..I’ve done the run to Ohana because it was finally time for our ADR’s. I’ve done the run to Soarin’ at rope drop. That’s a big one with a lot of participants. I’ve also done the run to the bathroom a time or two. I know I know, it’s an impressive list. LOL LOL I think if I were a runner that Disney would be the ideal place to do it. My problem would be that I couldn’t just run by Epcot, I’d run right in. lol


    chill7984 1 XP

    My first 10K was 2015 Princess and my first half was 2016 Wine and Dine. I am signed up for my first full and first Dopey 2018. Yeah, I have quite a mountain to climb but I am looking forward to the challenge!


    eeyorepoohfan 199 XP

    January 2013 Tinker Bell Half Marathon DL (my first ever race)
    January 2014 Tinker Bell Half Marathon DL
    January 2015 Star Wars Inaugural Challenge DL (10k and half marathon) (before it was called Light Side)
    April 2016 Star Wars Dark Side Inaugural Half Marathon WDW
    November 2016 Avengers Sper Hero Half Marathon DL (earned our Coast to Coast) This was my most favorite course ever for a race!!
    January 2017 Star Wars Light Side Half Marathon DL
    April 2017 Star Wars Dark Side Half Marathon (earned our Kessel Challane and 10th Anniversary Coast to Coast Medals)
    April 2017 just 6 days after Dark Side Local Giddy U Gallup Half Marathon to get a better proof of time for Dopey
    January 2018 DOPEY CHALLENGE!!! It will be my first full marathon! Just completed week 8 on our training plan.
    Yes, we’ve paid a small fortune on race fees!! LOL Plus the travel! But we love RunDisney races! It’s all about the bling!!!


    eeyorepoohfan 199 XP

    @croaker I did Avengers in 2016 and they updated the course that year. I absolutely loved it!!! It was by far my absolute favorite Disney course ever!!!!! It’s the least crowded race, period! I think there were 7,000 participants in the half marathon. I had 7,000 people in my corral at Star Wars Dark Side!!! :p I had hardly anyone near me in the parks and at the finish! You run the city streets (which isn’t my favorite) but the Avengers course never puts you far from the parks! You are in or next to the parks for the first 4 miles. About half is behind the scenes. You go out a couple miles and are at Angels Stadium, run the warning track then exit. Your 15k check in was as you exited the parking lot. You come around a turn and were already at the Mile 11 sign and could see Grizzly Peak in California Adventure! That helped mentally knowing the finish was close even though there were still 2 miles to go. It was a fast course with one big hill leading to the stadium. Otherwise it’s FLAT! There was virtually no ne around me when I finished and they called out my name! Weather was PERFECT!!! Park crowds were much lighter than any other race weekend we’ve done on either coast. It falls over Veteran’s Day weekend. The course is tight in areas within the parks. But if you’ve been to Disneyland, that won’t surprise you since it’s a compact park. I attached pictures so you can see how light the crowds were!!


    bgabe7 1 XP

    Wow, you guys are impressive! I’ve done the Everest 5k (which I hope comes back now that Pandora is open because I loved the obstacle courses and the challenge at the end). But we’re signed up for the Food & Wine 10k .


    Croaker 15 XP

    The Dark Side had a couple of Narrow areas as well. not sure why they do that?


    eeyorepoohfan 199 XP

    @croaker I don’t know why they allow narrow areas. I honestly think they think of just the front of the pack corrals and crowd levels, not mid pack or back, where there’s the bulk of runners. I’ve yet to run a Disney race on either coast that didn’t have some narrow areas. As I mentioned Avengers was the best, least crowded and therefore I didn’t feel any tight areas! Did you do Dark Side in 2016 or 2017? The completely changed the course between those two! 2016 had the horrible narrowing funneling on the dirt road at the end of the race. 2017 they had runners in just one lane running out of AK and I could hardly move. Same with the path from HS to EPCOT! But overall 2017 Dark Side had a much better course.

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