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    New thread idea :

    What would you do, if you safely had a functional WDW all to yourself ?

    I would,
    start at MK and do Haunted about a dozen times in a row.
    Then Splash a couple times and Big Thunder a couple.
    Down some Mickey Bars and do several rounds on Pirates.
    Over to Mine Train for a while.
    Finally, head to Buzz for multiple spins. Then a few Space Mountains.
    Go take a nap in Cindy鈥檚 Castle Suite Room.

    Morning, Day 1 ;) LOL


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    I was just wondering this when watching a vlog at Downtown Disney this morning!

    I’d be heading over to EPCOT!

    Starting my say with 3-5 rouds of Spaceship earth to get me going.
    If we’re allowed to do a little urban exploring i’d love to see inside the :wol: pavillion again :)
    I’d head to test track for a little thrill before heading for :ws:
    We’d then ofcourse head to the Gran Fiesta tour for a ride (or 10)
    Before heading over to Chefs de France for my lunch break :D


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    I’d start in the Magic Kingdom and finally be able to get that picture in front of the Castle without anyone photobombing me. I’d definitely hit up all my favorites like Haunted Mansion, Pirates, Jungle Cruise, all the mountains, Dumbo, Peter Pan, Ariel’s Undersea Adventure and so on. I’d also take my time looking at all the little details often overlooked at my own pace without worrying about holding up the line or being bumped into. I’d also take the extra time to have nice extended chats with characters and Cast Members alike.


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    I would start at Magic Kingdom :balloon: and get the best photo ever! :ears: Then head to Haunted Mansion :bride: for a few rides. Then to Ariel’s Undersea :ariel: for a few more rides. Then Jungle Cruise :map: , then off to It’s a Small World :) . Then I would meet every character in the whole place :cinderella: without waiting in line or being “moved along”! Then for lunch I’d eat like 6 churros :churro: :churro: :churro: :churro: :churro: :churro: and ride the People Mover :note: for an hour. Then definitely take a snoozer :cinderella: in Cinderella’s castle. Later I’d have the Gray Stuff at Be Our Guest. :belle: Ride Pirates :sparrow: a few times over, then It’s a Small World :) a few more times. End the day with Ariel :ariel: once more good luck, and watch the fireworks :darn: from the best spot in the park!


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    I think my first day would be attempting to ride every ride on property. If I was feeling good on time, I’d probably re-ride a few too (Splash, Runaway Railway, Space Ranger Spin, TTA, Dinosaur, just to name a few :goofy: )

    Then I think the rest of my days would be spent inviting friends over and helping them live the magic. My experience is that Disney is much better with friends :)

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