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    Ok this will not be your traditional trip report. I’ll just put some bullet points.
    Did not get to see the baby tigers in person. But did via an ipad a CM was holding.
    The F&W half was awesome!
    ROL in my eyes was a huge disapointment!
    Loved the new fireworks at the MK!
    Super impressed with all the new bathrooms! The themeing is incredible.
    Super stoked we got to go in the WOL pavillion for the festival stuff.
    Skipper canteen could be IMO one of the best meals i’ve ever eaten at WDW!
    After staying in DVC for so long the POP was super cramped with 4 peeps.
    However I really missed their food court and the food was fantastic!
    Avatar definatly did not disapoint! Most immersive attraction anywhere!
    The Na’vi river ride was a let down. super short.
    The theming and music,and sounds and food in pandora is to the next level!! Simply amazing.
    Got to see MAL!! they were recording every day for the Christmas parade.
    If it wasn’t for toy story I would have skipped MGM all together.
    Finally found some of the hidden Pascals in the tangled area! (7-10)
    Love all the land and attraction based merch!
    And all the food and booze!!
    The after party from the run by yourself is a super boring time! LOL
    Absolutely Loved the Jingle Cruise!! Pleasently suprised
    Food in the Castle was awesome. Princesses were hot. Kinda short and quick with the visits though.
    Scored 999999 on Buzz!
    Chinesse acrobats were fantastic.
    I think thats it for now.


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    My responses to your points:
    Baby Tigers :| Sorry it was only a live feed.
    F&W Half :up: :cool:
    ROL: agreed :|
    MK Fireworks: agreed! :up: :clap:
    Bathroom themes: It’s about time we can feel like we’re still at WDW when using the restroom! LOL :up:
    WOL Festival Pavilion: It’s kind of nostalgic for me going in there remembering how it used to be :(
    Skipper Canteen: LOVED IT :heart: So with you there! :up:
    POP: I’d choose if it I had to go value or AoA, but yeah…tiny.
    POP food court is definitely one of the best!
    I agree Pandora in general is very well done, but I haven’t experience FoP yet…Got a FP for it in January though!
    I also agree that Na’vi River is not at all worth a FP or a long wait for what you’re getting, but I was impressed by the Audio animatronic at the end!
    Yes MGM is less than a half day park now :down: So much closed. Not worth a visit if you have less than a 6 day ticket w/o park hopper.
    Hidden Pascals! Wish they’d do so much more with Tangled though :(
    The Land is easily the best pavilion at Epcot!
    Epcot F&W = wonderful!
    Stag at a party is almost never fun LOL
    The Jingle Cruise is so funny! LOL
    You’re the first to tell me the food at the Castle was good. Everyone else I’ve heard from said it was mediocre. I’ve never been.
    Congrats on Buzz Max-out score! :up:
    Agreed about the Chinese acrobats! I don’t go out of the way to see them, but I stop for a look if they’re performing when I’m passing through :up:


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    As someone who has never been to WDW, please explain the bathroom thing to me.


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    As someone who has never been to WDW, please explain the bathroom thing to me.

    Hahahahahaha! They are just so well themed and pleasent to be in! It’s just another reason Disney is so magical. Even when going to the bathroom you can be emmersed in the themeing of the area you are in and not just in a generic restroom.


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    “Princesses were hot.”

    I can’t stop thinking about that line LOL


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    I didn’t even get to see the baby tigers on an IPAD! :angry:
    Congrats on the F&W Half!! :up: :up:
    Same. ROL was waste of time for me too. I’m glad I checked it off my list, so I don’t ever have to see it again LOL
    Same. Happily Ever After is flipping AMAZING!
    The Tangled Bathrooms are my fav! :heart:
    I agree…. love going into the old buildings! :up:
    SAME! We finally got to eat at Skipper Canteen and it was so amazing! Totally underrated! :up: :up:
    Sorry you were cramped at Pop! :down:
    Yessss…. FoP was so awesome… we couldn’t ride it enough! So good! :up: :clap: :clap: :clap:
    Same… Navi River was 2 thumbs down from me :down: :down:
    I liked Pandora too… the theming was great!
    Really? I still like Hollywood Studios a lot… Muppets, RockNRoller Coaster, Mama Melrose… :heart:
    Good job on finding the Pascals! :D
    Cinderellas Royal Table was totally MEH for me. I don’t ever need to eat there again. :|
    Congrats on Buzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
    Those Chinese Acrobats are totally awesome! Yesss!!


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    “Princesses were hot.”

    I can’t stop thinking about that line LOL

    I cracked up laughing when I read that line too!

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