Trail’s End Restaurant to Close This Spring at Walt Disney World

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    Trail’s End Restaurant to Close This Spring at Walt Disney World

    Trail’s End Restaurant will be closing this spring. When it reopens later this year, it will have a “marketplace concept with expanded quick service options,” but table service will no longer be available.

    There is no word yet on what will happen with P and J’s Southern Takeout, but according to online reports, the Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Review will not be affected.

    Guess lots of people have heard, thanks @steve, or read this. As a lover of the Fort I guess I will make a few comments.

    For me it is not a really a big thing.

    History: I know they say it has always been a buffet, but I can’t say back in the day I really remember/thought of it as a “sit down.” Back in the day, the early 1980s, the arcade was on the lower “terrace” of the restaurant, I assume that is why it did not feel like a sit down since the kiddos had something to do once they got thru eating and it was arcade loud in there, I mean loud. But then that gave it a bit of atmosphere/life.

    Comment: I think this is a good thing over all. What the Fort has needed, IMHO, is a quick service with an area to sit inside and a larger take away counter for the morning so you can do a grab and go on the way to the Magic Kingdom (Disney this means breakfast tacos, you listening), P&Js is a little too small, IMHO. They need a way to move people thru.

    Unfortunately, Trails End is not on the way to the bus stop, perhaps they should put a breakfast food truck out there (TM). :P Hopefully for lunch/dinner Trails End will still have the same signature offerings (ribs, fried chicken & strawberry short cake) as P&Js and Hoop-Dee-Doo plus the usual counter service options like Roaring Forks. I think this is most likely as Trails End & Hoop-Dee-Doo share a kitchen. I do see P&Js as an entity, really just a sign, going away, but would assume that area could be the true grab and go counter.

    This also makes me wonder if they will be kicking off construction on the Reflections DVC soon and that it will have a sit down restaurant, all be it more swanky and probably cost more. :gold: :gold:

    Well, those were just a few of my thoughts. :oswald:

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