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    dngnb8 28 XP

    I was reading the what is does your screen name mean and I saw people post they might like to change your name. Since our screen names are likely the primary key for the database, that would be difficult.

    However, what would you chose? My name refers to my fantasy role playing history. It has become my alter ego. I have been posting under this moniker for almost 30 years. But it has no Disney Flavor……

    I was thinking Dsnyb8! So, if you could change your name….. What would it be?


    Good one!

    For me perhaps- FireFtrPerry

    Because I’m a firefighter and my favorite character is Perry the Platypus.


    10dedfish 67 XP

    hmmm a good question….

    maybe Chernabog74

    I like Chernabog and was born in 74 (yeah I’m old)


    Acamm 190 XP

    Mine would have to be something to do with Pocahontas… maybe PocaFan or MikoFan….. :D


    StupidJudy 55 XP

    I am good with mine. :D hee hee!


    Acamm 190 XP

    I am good with mine. :D hee hee!

    Yeah girl, you really do have the best one :up: :up: :up: :up: :up: :up: :up: :up:


    Nascfan 199 XP

    I am good with mine. :D hee hee!

    That’s because you have the best screen name in the internet! LOL
    I’d have to go with something Tigger probably. Tigger1fan. BouncingTigger. TiggerRules. Something.


    kcboston 136 XP

    I’d probably be something like “AllTheDrinks” or “Lapu Lapu”

    Or since Cammie loves Rapunzel so much, SnugglyDuckling


    SEJ101 199 XP

    Since SEJ 101 is like a subliminal message to subscribe to my YouTube (so shameful) I would probably change it to an obscure reference.

    CTX_Time_R0ver ?

    Just a few obscure ones….


    starbee 152 XP

    I would be TTAtraveler. I chose starbee because it’s a nickname I was given in college and I’ve used that as part of my Twitter handle so it kept things consistent. But it’s not Disney related, so if I were to do it over, I’d pick something else. I leave reviews on the under the name TTAtraveler :ears:


    DisneyJean 18 XP

    I am happy with mine, but eeyoresfriend might be fun. The screen saver on my computer is me wrapped up in eeyore…literally. He is wrapped around me so much you can barely see me. The kids who come into the store refer to me as eeyore’s friend. By the way, where is eyes emoji?


    Mine’s perfect but if I had to change it I’d slip Kungaloosh in there somewhere


    Disneydana 2 XP

    Hmmm….okay well if I couldn’t steal StupidJudy I guess I would just keep my own lol. I can’t really think of anything. I’m Alicefan on the Disboards and that’s pretty boring too.

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